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Eugenio Pacelli, for extended Eugenio Maria Giuseppe Giovanni Pacelli was elected pope on March 2, 1939. Pius XII, so Eugenio decided to call himself, was born in Rome, March 2, 1876, then he was elected pope exactly the day of the completion of his 63 years of age.

On May 13, 1917 he became bishop thanks to Pope Benedict XV, and, at the same time, Archbishop of Sardis in partibus and Apostolic Nuncio allocated to Bavaria. On 16 December 1929 he was made a cardinal by Pope Pius XI and on February 7, 1930 he was invested with the office of secretary of state that he held until his election to the papacy.

As told by Antonio Spinosa in his book Pius XII. A pope in the darkness, the 260 ° pope of the Catholic Church, died at Castel Gandolfo on Thursday, October 9, 1958 at 3:52 a.m.

A first sign of failure occurred on the morning of Sunday, October 5th and ischemia of the vertebrobasilar arterial system hit him the next day.

Arrived so the morning of October, 9, Pius XII died at the age of eighty-two.

The chief physician Galeazzi Lisi subjected the body to an innovative system of embalming as Spinosa tells us but the latter began to unravel since it was placed in the funeral home. Then the corpse was placed in a coffin and then conducted by means of a funeral van owned to the municipality of Rome from Castel Gandolfo to the Vatican through the Lateran. But when the hearse was found near the arches of Porta San Giovanni a powerful burst was felt all around the body.

The latter exploded in the coffin due to the reckless embalming!

The body came to St. Peter and its damages were the least worst "adjusted" during the night. Because of the miasms it emitted some guards even lost consciousness. For nine days, the rough and greenish body was kept on a catafalque in front of the Bernini’s canopy.

Dott. Luca Lepori

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  1. This "explosion" that could be heard from far away may not have taken place. I was there, I was 11 years old and did not hear it. But the body of Pope Pius XII was in lamentable shape. And the smell was horrendous. At the Vatican, the body was immersed in and pumped full of formaldehyde, then dried and put in a tank full of salt. Orifices were made everywhere so the body could drain. Then the face was painted with a solution of wax and chemicals.
    Pope Paul VI's body also deteriorated visibly after he died. A terrible thing.

    Diego Visconti